Eastern Power and Electrical Co., Ltd. (EPEC) at Bang Bo

The Eastern Power and Electrical Co., Ltd. (EPEC) at Bang Bo, Samut Prakarn Province, is considering development of a natural gas fired combined cycle generating at Bang Bo in response to EGAT’s request for IPP Project.

The power plant is 350 MW capacity which using natural gas and diesel oil as fuel.

a) The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) were found that air, noise and wastewater impact were minimize. The operation of power plant is not effect on ecology and social aspects. The migration measure and monitoring program were proposed for the power plant during construction and operation. (Aug. 1995 – Jan. 1997)

b) Geotechnical Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Access Road and Site Preparation for Combined Cycle 350 MW Power Plant of EPEC at Bang Bo, Samut Prakarn Province. For Site Preparation works, the technique of Geotecxtile-Bamboo Mattress as a ground improvement method has been employed to build a platform for embankment and piling works for the Power Plant. For Access Road and all service roads for the power plant the ground improvement using Menard’s Advanced Consolidation by Vacuum Technique combined with Controlled Modules Cement Columns (CMC) has been employed without high surcharging for preloading soils. At the end of 6 moths the ground was improved by around 1.8m consolidated settlement, i.e. 87% pre-consolidation was achieved. (June 1998 – November 1999)

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