About us


Dynamic Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (DEC),

A leading International engineering consulting firm in the region was established on February 16, 1993 under the umbrella of SEATEC Group of Companies. DEC is a multi-disciplinary organization providing wide range of expertise in planning and development, engineering, construction supervision, project management, socio-economic and financial sectors.

As a consulting firm organized primarily to design heavy and medium industries, urban infrastructure and transportation, industrial estates planning and design, road and highway engineering systems. DEC has also placed strong emphasis for many years on research and contributions to proven intermediate technology applicable to Asian Countries. These include capabilities in system engineering approach and mathematical modeling. This background of experience has made it possible for DEC to incorporate advanced applicable technology into comprehensive and practical designs which are generally needed, particularly needed in developing countries.

DEC has gained its due role as a leading consultant in the past. In recent years, DEC has carried out a considerable number of projects in Thailand and abroad. In this respect, DEC has completed many projects in infrastructure; and industrial projects in Southeast Asia, South Asia, China, Indochina, Middle East, Maldives, Micronesia and USA. Aside from being recognized by local clients (government and public agencies, institutes, industrial, commercial and other private enterprises), the Company has as well gained international recognition and carried out several projects for the international lending and assistance agencies.

DEC’s resources include principal engineering design offices, expert manpower in different disciplines, computerized systems and it has full access to the mother company SEATEC’s environmental, soil & sanitary, computer and GIS laboratories fully equipped with the sophisticated equipment for testing, analysis and research.

In year 2000, SEATEC applied to SGS (Thailand) Ltd., a Certifying Body for International Certification Services. Through the process of pre-assessment audit and final assessment, the Certifying Body SGS has certified SEATEC and its group members (BEST, DEC and M-TECH) to be Quality Assured Firms commensurate with ISO 9001 Standards. With the achievement of ISO 9001 certification, the management and all its staff are determined to maintain this level of standards at all costs in delivery of services to the clients. Moreover DEC has worldwide Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII).